Notes from The Singularity

Month: June 2022

Are NFTs the missing crypto killer-app?

The dot com vision was e-commerce, but the killer apps came in the form of social and search. In crypto, its still to be seen where the killer apps are.

I don´t think this killer apps will be about cryptocurrencies. Why? Because you need a real crypto economy generating value for many people.

A crypto-economy is not people buying and selling Bitcoins, but people earning Bitcoins in exchange for their work, products, and services.… Read more...

Reporting, Bureaucracy and Misdiagnosis

In an interconnected world, the traditional way of analyzing reality based on cause-effect relationships is obsolete. The economy depends on the propagation of information, and this in turn depends on technology. And technology in turn depends on economic and social conditions.

People do not make economic decisions rationally.…

The kidnapped Soul

Hypnosis, kidnapping of the soul and the need to delegate.

There is something evil about doing repetitive, tasks such as writing posts or checking social timelines.

It steals attention and energy from you on something 100% tangibilized, and with very limited potential.

It steals energy from where the real potential is, which is in #creativity.… Read more...

Crypto: Where are the Added Value Apps?

In 1999 Friedman predicted Bitcoin stating that internet would reduce government power and introduced the idea of digital cash, in order to reduce the power of a third party in transactions. I think that´s a legitimate objective.

Also, a business structure where control is spread out rather than hierarchical such as DAOs, and where a community of like-minded people is working together towards a common interest, without a central authority, is also an interesting figure with tons of potential to create value.… Read more...

Crypto money: A Matter of Boundaries

Governments can define and control the boundary conditions of fiat money through banks and marketplaces. This way they control the transactions between fiat and crypto with KYC, AML, etc. regulations.

The real issue in crypto is not about how to move money around, but about how to move fiat money into the Blockchain, in order to create a real economy in there.… Read more...

Make sure you are the project

To start a project you must ensure that it is a full creative expression of you. Something connected to your purpose, something that enriches others, and that is executed with passion and love.

These are not empty words: it is the only way to create something unique and unrepeatable. Creating is the safe bet.… Read more...

Hacked Wallets are About Centralized Platforms

Its important to realize that the reason because wallets keep being hacked is because they are part of the old system, and don’t use to be distributed. The blockchain tech itself has never been hacked so far since it came out in 2009.

This is the same for marketplaces like Opensea or Coinbase: they are not decentralized and need to use extraordinary security measures.… Read more...