Notes from The Singularity

Month: October 2021

Reserva Fraccionaria y Bancos Centrales

Todos los billetes de dólar que circulan por Estados Unidos son billetes de la Reserva Federal (“Federal Reserve Note”). Ésta los emite como letras de cambio y pide a la Fábrica de Moneda estadounidense que los imprima, pagándole 4 centavos por cada billete.

La Reserva Federal (que es una entidad privada, aunque eso es tema para otro día) presta dinero al gobierno de Estados Unidos comprando bonos del tesoro.… Read more...

The challenges in Bitcoin: development

Innovation around Bitcoin is being slow: mostly exchanges and wallets. The script makes it ‘programmable money’, but its probably too restrictive. To become mainstream, Bitcoin needs a killer app… but here´s the issue: the crypto community just does not respect the user.

Developers should understand what they are doing and why.… Read more...

The dynamics of economic bubble´s

Blow the bubble and make money on  the way up, short it on the way down, and buy up everything at the bottom. Rinse and repeat. It is a formula that works every time. It is no longer a mystery.

People are too lazy to do any homework, get a perspective on history, and cycles that repeat. But the fact is that its all designed to use their emotions to milk them.Read more...

Investment vs Speculation

Investment is buying something because its price is lower than its intrinsic value. You pay money that will come back to you increased over time, as the result of some form of added value.

Speculation is buying something without considering the underlying value, or the appropriateness of the price, in order to make a profit by selling it back.… Read more...

El Universo es energía e información

El Universo no es materia y espacio, sino energía e información. La energía existe en la forma de patrones y propagación de ondas en el vacío que llena el espacio. La energía es el ‘hardware’ del universo (no la materia). La información es el software.

El Universo no es un montaje de bits de materia inerte moviéndose pasiva y aleatoriamente en espacio vacío, sino un Todo coherente y dinámico.Está… Read more...

Consciousness: a Flashlight in the Dark

The real world (independent of us) is waves of probability, and it is we (and any conscious organism) who interact with it, materializing the reality that surrounds us.

Consciousness is like a flashlight that you turn on in a dark room, which allows you to see the objects you are focusing on in order to walk around.… Read more...