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Month: February 2021

How to value CryptoKitties NFT Collectibles

The famous cat collecting NFT series will come to Flow
CryptoKitties was the very first blockchain NFT collectible built on the ERC-721 standard back in 2017. Quickly after its release, CryptoKitties attracted a lot of attention and generated large sales. The increased interest resulted in congestion issues on the Ethereum blockchain and eventually resulted in a serious decrease in activity for CryptoKitties. However, this veteran of the NFT space has not been forgotten.

In recent weeks CryptoKitties has started to show increased signs of activity. Although the project is not close to…

Music NFT Project $10 Million in Volume in Last 7-days

Top Music NFT sold for 300 ETH or $500.000
The music NFT project Euler Beats launched on February 15th and has generated $10.3 million in transaction volume in the past 7 days. According to data from DappRadar almost 3 thousand transactions came from 789 different users. 

When Euler Beats launched, they sold 27 master records for 0.271 ETH each. These master records were generated on the blockchain by the user, and therefore the buyer could never know what they would receive. 

From these master records, other buyers can purchase a maximum of 120 copies. The price of these copies…

💻💎🏞 The Internet-of-Goods Is Here

Note: This is not financial advice, and the views expressed in this blog do not represent the views of my firm Sfermion.The non-fungible token (NFT) markets have accelerated at a pace faster than even I have predicted, and I am an ultra NFT bull. I even staked my entire future on them in 2019 by launching an investment entity focused solely on the asset class. If you are an NFT-related startup, please DM me on Twitter. This month’s sponsor is WhaleStreet 🔥🔥🔥WhaleStreet are the DeFi engine that powers NFT economics. On a massive scale. They make huge currency swaps happen – or…

Street Fighter NFT Collectibles – Giveaway

Win one of the already sold-out card packs!
Win a pack of already sold-out Street Fighter digital collectibles exclusively with DappRadar. Wax and DappRadar are giving away five Street Fighter card packs. We are giving away 3 ultimate packs, which contain 60 collectible cards each, and 2 regular packs with 10 cards each. 

In these card packs, you will find build cards. Combining build cards will create a more rare card. The more build cards one adds, the higher the power score of the new card will be. There’s an element of luck and chance in the rarity of an upgraded card, which…

Top 10 NFT Sales – Pepe Enters The Market While CryptoPunks Skyrockets

$41 million dollars in CryptoPunk trading in last 7 days
In the past week CryptoPunks has been responsible for more than 400 transactions with a total value of more than $41 million dollars. Amidst the general NFT hype, we’ve also seen renewed interest in AutoGlyphs as well as a newcomer in the charts: Non-Fungible Pepe.

NFTs are very trending right now, and collectors are capitalizing on that hype. Existing projects with historical significance increase in value, think about CryptoPunks, but also the generative art project AutoGlyphs. Larva Labs sold a complete series of AutoGlyphs…

$50 Million in Sales Makes NBA Top Shot Largest NFT Market

Surpassing CryptoKitties and Decentraland
NBA Top Shot has become the largest NFT market by sales as it generated over $50M in total marketplace transactions after announcing the project in July 2019 and going live in late 2020. 

For comparison, CryptoKitties, which launched in 2017, has just over $38M in all-time sales, while Decentraland, which has the highest all-time volume on nonfungible.com, has $40M in total sales since its 2017 launch.

The NFT digital collectibles market has been erupting lately, but NBA Top Shot is pulling out into a league of its own, overtaking the…

Over $1.8 million for Three Virtual Estates – Top 10 NFT Sales

Virtual Land Shines Amidst CryptoPunks Craze
Land ownership in virtual game worlds is seeing increased popularity from investors. In the past week, we’ve seen some big moves within several virtual worlds. Axie infinity, Somnium Space, and Cryptovoxels are now all part of this week’s Top 10 NFT Sales, alongside the usual suspects: CryptoPunks and Hashmasks.

Even though Axie Infinity doesn’t have any utility land for their virtual land, trading land on the secondary marketplace is already gaining momentum. Last week an investor acquired 9 of the 228 Genesis land parcels at the…

NFT Whales Jumping into Hashmasks – Top 10 NFT sales

Two hashmasks sell for $1.1m combined!
In its first full week of secondary market trading, the digital artworks of Hashmasks didn’t lose their upward momentum thanks to some NFT whales. The project is responsible for seven out of the ten most valuable sold NFTs, while CryptoPunks filled in the remaining spots. Each of the NFTs in the weekly sales Top 10 is worth more than 100 thousand dollars, and some of the big purchases come from prominent NFT collectors.

Over the week one of the NFT whales bought both the ‘sex’ and ‘God of War’ Hashmasks for a combined 1.1 million dollars….

Hashmasks Bigger Than Rest NFT Market on Ethereum

7250 ETH in trading volume in the past 7 days!
The secondary market for NFTs on Ethereum is currently being dominated by Hashmasks with 7250 ETH, or more than 12.1 million dollars, in trading volume in the past week. That’s more than all the secondary market trading combined, according to data from OpenSea.

If we’re not counting Hashmasks, the top 100 NFT projects had less than 6000 ETH in trading volume in the past 7 days. During that time frame, Hashmasks had 7250 ETH, literally dwarfing the competition on the Ethereum blockchain. 

With 12.1 million dollars in trading volume…

Cometh Becomes Number 1 NFT Blockchain Game

Over $300k transaction volume in 24hours
In the last 24 hours Cometh, an Ethereum game due to officially launch on February 8th that forges gaming and DeFi has shot to the top of the DappRadar game chart. As interested gamers begin to prepare their armada of spaceships, Cometh has generated over $322k in transaction volume and over 70 unique active wallets at the time of writing. 

Looking comparatively across the top five blockchain games in the last 24 hours Cometh’s huge lead becomes more obvious regarding transaction volume. The combined transaction volume of the other four…

OpenSea Volume Spikes over 800% Amidst Hashmasks NFT Frenzy

The latest NFT craze hits secondary markets
The NFT marketplace OpenSea has seen a sales volume increase of more than 800% at the end of January as sales of now sold out Hashmasks NFT collectibles hit the secondary marketplace. 

As earlier reported, this week has seen a new king of NFTs arrive in the shape of Hashmasks after a stellar week of primary sales. Between the 27th of January and today, Hashmasks generated over $10 million in sales volume. As a result, Hashmasks at the time of writing is the leading NFT collectible dapp on DappRadar and the number 5 Ethereum dapp across all…

NBA Top Shot Dominates NFT Space with $40 Million Sales

Individual collectibles sold for $100.000
The NFT market for digital collectibles has been opened up to a more mainstream audience thanks to the basketball moments from NBA Top Shot, resulting in more than 40 million dollars in sales in January alone. The ten most expensive NBA Top Shot moments sold for a combined 624 thousand dollars. 

January started slow for NBA Top Shot, which launched in October 2020. However, around the middle of the month interest in the blockchain collectible project peaked. Suddenly NBA Top Shot was the talk of the town and reached mainstream audiences through…

NFT Market on Ethereum Grew 10 Times in January

CryptoPunks and Hashmasks generate $15 million
The value going around in non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain has increased ten times in the past month, according to the Dapp Industry Report – January 2021 by DappRadar. While the NFT market had 3 million dollars in value in December, this increased to 33 million dollars in January. The biggest contributors to this success were digital art collectibles CryptoPunks and Hashmasks. 

CryptoPunks has seen several major purchases in January. Most notably alien punk 2890 sold for more than 761 thousand dollars, while an ape punk…

Hashmasks Becomes Number 1 NFT Collectible on Ethereum

$9 million in sales just 4-days after launch
Twitter has been alive with the sound of a new NFT project over the weekend, merging digital collectibles with crypto art – Hashmasks. 

At the time of writing, Hashmasks NFTs are the number 1 collectible dapp across all platforms on DappRadar and number 5 across all Ethereum dapp categories within the last 24hrs. Interestingly, Hashmasks is the only collectibles dapp in the top 5. Impressive for an NFT project that officially launched on the 27th of January 2021.

Looking at the collectibles category on DappRadar reveals that since…

Axie Infinity Claims Three Spots in Top 10 NFT Sales

Decentraland, NBA Top Shot, and SuperRare accompany CryptoPunks as well
During the last week of January, CryptoPunks has had the biggest NFT sale, but it’s Axie Infinity that manages to stand out. Three origin Axies with double mystic attributes sold for an average of 34 thousand dollars or 25 ETH apiece. These sales happened days before game studio Sky Mavis launched their own Ethereum sidechain Ronin on Monday. 

Axie Infinity is a tactical battle game, which will soon extend its gameplay to virtual lands. In addition, the game incorporates strong play-to-earn mechanics, which…