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Month: July 2020

The Rise of the Machines – IndustryWeek

Automation is not a new phenomenon in manufacturing. American manufacturers started replacing people on production lines with automatic palletizers, filling machines, and case packers back in the 1950s. Robots did not come into the picture until the 1990s. Most of the large manufacturing plants in the U.S. are now highly automated.

But there is a new threat that is striking fear into the heart of working people. It is the possibility that artificial intelligence will progress to the point that machines will become sentient and replace people in all working environments. This idea has been popularized in movies like the Terminator, when scientists created a computer chip that made machines conscious and self-aware.


Música, Decadencia y Coherencia

La música electrónica es la vuelta al tam tam, a los ritmos y sonidos más básicos con los que la Humanidad bailó durante decenas de miles de años. Este tipo de ritmos conectan con una parte de la mente mucho más profunda que otras músicas más elaboradas y sofisticadas como la música clásica.

En esa zona del cerebro no hay emociones ni pensamiento. Sólo hay energía vibración coherente con el cuerpo: con los latidos del corazón, de la respiración.

¿Qué es la esencia? Aquello que ‘vibra’ de forma coherente consigo mismo. Está en resonancia con su espíritu original. Cuando lo original se ‘refina’ o ‘procesa’ se hace decadente, porque pierde la conexión con su esencia.… Read more...

Free Tools for Sustainable and Circular Design | by Leyla Acaroglu | Disruptive Design

Over the years, my team and I have created a range of free, open-access toolkits to support changemakers in adopting the skills needed to help transform the global economy into a circular and sustainable one by design.

Here I have assembled some of my favorite ones and a list of what we have created for anyone wanting to get started on activating change for free!

Through my design agency, Disrupt Design, my small team and I take commissions to make tools and self-initiate our own designs to help make change, wherever we can we get our clients and collaborators to allow for 20–100% of the content to be free and open access.