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Month: January 2020

If AI Suddenly Gains Consciousness, Some Say It Will Happen First In AI Self-Driving Cars – Forbes

There has been a lot of speculation that one of these days there will be an AI system that suddenly and unexpectedly gives rise to consciousness.

Often referred to as the singularity, there is much hand-wringing that we are perhaps dooming ourselves to either utter death and destruction or to becoming slaves of AI once the singularity occurs.

As I’ve previously covered (see link here), various AI “conspiracy” theories abound, oftentimes painting a picture of the end of the world as we humans know it. Few involved in these speculative hypotheses seem to be willing to consider that maybe this AI emergence would be beneficial to mankind, possibly aiding us humans toward a future of greatness and prosperity, and instead focus on the apocalyptic outcomes.


A Sick Giant

This is Chapter 10 in a blog series. If you’re new to the series, visit the series home page for the full table of contents.

Part 5: A Dangerous Trend

“The gentle downward slope gets steeper and imperceptibly becomes an abyss.” – Tomas Tranströmer

Chapter 10: A Sick Giant

In the introduction to this series, I said:

Part of what I’ve spent three years working on is a new language we can use to think and talk about our societies and the people inside of them…full of new terms and metaphors and, of course, lots and lots of badly drawn pictures.


It’s 2020 and you’re in the future

It’s finally the 2020s. After 20 years of not being able to refer to the decade we’re in, we’re all finally free—in the clear for the next 80 years until 2100, at which point I assume AGI will have figured out what to call the two decades between 2100 and 2120.

We now live in the 20s! It’s exciting. “The twenties” is super legit-sounding, and it’s so old school. The 40s are old. The 30s even more so. But nothing is older school than the Roaring 20s.

We’re now in charge of making this a cool decade so when people 100 years from now are thinking about how incredibly old-timey the 2020s were, it’s old-timey in a cool appealing way and not a boring shitty way.