Notes from The Singularity

Month: December 2019

From Globalization to Equalization

Trump has purposefully stalled the process of globalization, and is resetting global supply chains. This is bringing massive amounts of wealth back to the US in 3 several ways:

  • Repatriating wealth (trade policy), and blocking exfiltration (main street policy),
  • Creating new economic alliances based on reciprocity (bilateral deals),
  • Dismantling the post WWII Marshall Plan of global trade and 1 way tariffs (de-globalization).

The European Green New Deal is a Rescue Plan

Does anybody realize its basically Europe who is planning to spend about a quarter of a trillion euros to ‘save the planet’ while the big CO2 contributors (China and the US) donĀ“t give a f*** about this matter? (not to mention developing nations).

Europe happens to have an almost stagnant economy with high unemployment, and at least one major bank on the brink of collapse.… Read more...