Notes from The Singularity

Month: July 2019

Connecting the unconnected

Creativity is the capacity to connect what’s apparently unconnected. Modern industrial management is focused on optimization, risk controlling, and error reduction. Not on inventing or creating new stuff.

5+5=? -> is the way most of the world approaches problems
? + ? = 10 -> is the way creative people see the word

Creativity is needed to solve problems in a new way, but also to create your reality.… Read more...

Divide and Create

A powerful and simple technique to unfreeze our thinking around concepts, processes and products can be done with a few post-it notes.

Write down the constituent parts of a product or steps of the process on different post-it notes and either remove one or rearrange the steps.

Pause with each iteration and—no matter how strange the new combination might initially seem—consider what benefits or new ideas might result from that arrangement.