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Month: June 2019

But what is a Fourier series? From heat flow to drawing with circles | DE4

Fourier series, from the heat equation epicycles.
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12 minutes of pure Fourier series animations: https://youtu.be/-qgreAUpPwM

Some viewers made apps that create circle animations for your own drawing. Check them out!

Make your own Fourier circle drawings from 3Blue1Brown


Thanks to Stuart@Biocinematics for the one-line sketch of Fourier via twitter. As it happens, he also has an educational YouTube channel:

Small correction: at 9:33, all the exponents should have a pi^2 in them.

If you’re looking for more Fourier Series content online, including code to play with to create this kind of animation yourself, check out these…

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6sGWTCMz2k

Emerging Trends in the Automotive Industry Investors Should Look Out For

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On a global scale, the automotive industry is experiencing its largest growth in developing and emerging economies. However, China and the USA still remain the greatest automobile markets when it comes to both sales and production. According to Statista, the worldwide sales of passenger cars reached 78.6 million in 2017 and it is expected to grow in the future.

Quite like the cell phones have become more capable than making calls, the cars can do a lot more than just drive and park.


AI: A Promising Progression for Renewable Energy Sector

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AI : A Promising Progression for Renewable Energy Sector

While it is almost impossible to tell by when, it is for sure that fossil fuels will stop fulfilling our energy needs. The most reliable alternative to this is “renewable energy”, however, even with huge progress, we still have to face some daunting challenges.

Amongst all the renewable sources, solar and wind energy are the leading ones. But climate change is making them unpredictable. With major industry players continually trying to cater to the need for cheap, clean and reliable energy, technologies like Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning are providing solutions for Industries difficulties.


6 Real-World Applications of AI in Retail

The global annual spending on AI by the retailers will reach 7.3 billion by 2022. The most popular use of this technology in the retail industry is for search, recommendation engines for content, and data science. According to a survey of 400 retail executives, AI could help retailers save USD 340 billion annually by the year 2022 by enabling efficiency in several processes and operations. Forrester believes that Artificial Intelligence will replace 7% of jobs in the U.S. by 2025. The increased efficiency in the operations means increased profits for the company.

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As the world is moving towards a digital age, traditional retailers face existential threats from the likes of Amazon and Walmart.


10 Questions to Consider when Setting up a Corporate A.I project

A.I projects require massive amounts of data to be of any use. 80% of the work done when creating an algorithm involves data extraction, cleansing, filling, and normalizing to make sure simple errors can be systematically avoided. Algorithms have the ability to systematically “make” unfair decisions without anyone noticing, or even understanding why, making ethics more relevant than ever. As such, teams should make sure that the data is representative reality, and that it does not reflect reality’s existing prejudices.

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By now, all self-respecting executives have heard of A.I


Top 10 Trends In Artificial Intelligence That Will Dominate 2019

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Everybody is talking about the latest trends in “Artificial Intelligence” — the new normal, which is almost part of every work process in every industry. Throughout 2018, you have observed an exponential upthrust in applications, tools, and platforms assembled on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. These technologies not just left an impression on software or the internet trade but also other dimensions of health-care, agriculture, manufacturing, and many more.

So, most of you might be wondering about “what is the future of artificial intelligence in 2019 heading to 2020?”


How to build a message moderation system

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By Ira Stepanyuk, Data Scientist at Poteha Labs

Automatic moderation systems are usually embedded into web services and apps where large numbers of user messages should be processed. Such systems can reduce costs on the manual moderation and speed the moderation up by processing all user messages real-time. This article will discuss the development of an automatic moderation system using machine learning algorithms. We will go through the entire pipeline from the research tasks and the ML algorithms choice to the deployment to production. In addition, we’ll review existing open datasets and tell how to collect the needed data by yourself.