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Month: March 2019

Differential equations, a tourist’s guide | DE1

An overview of what ODEs are all about
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Need to brush up on calculus? https://youtu.be/WUvTyaaNkzM

Error correction: At 6:27, the upper equation should have g/L instead of L/g.

Steven Strogatz NYT article on the math of love:

Interactive visualization of the example from this video, by Ilya Perederiy:

If you’re looking for books on this topic, I’d recommend the one by Vladimir Arnold, “Ordinary Differential Equations”

Also, more Strogatz fun, you may enjoy his text “Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos”

Curious about why it’s called a “phase space”?…

What Would It Mean for AI to Become Conscious? – Singularity Hub

As artificial intelligence systems take on more tasks and solve more problems, it’s hard to say which is rising faster: our interest in them or our fear of them. Futurist Ray Kurzweil famously predicted that “By 2029, computers will have emotional intelligence and be convincing as people.”

We don’t know how accurate this prediction will turn out to be. Even if it takes more than 10 years, though, is it really possible for machines to become conscious? If the machines Kurzweil describes say they’re conscious, does that mean they actually are?

Perhaps a more relevant question at this juncture is: what is consciousness, and how do we replicate it if we don’t understand it?

In a panel discussion at South By Southwest titled “How AI Will Design the Human Future,” experts from academia and industry discussed these questions and more.