Notes from The Singularity

Month: November 2018

Notes on Bitcoin: cons

Storage. You can´t keep much information. 80 bytes is the limit by transaction and the system already has some bottlenecks.

Intrinsic value is similar to any fiat money: zero. But Bitcoin is not accepted for paying any taxes and that makes it not real money.

The KYC Factor. As in the first times of internet gambling, the issue is how to get money out of the system and into your bank account.… Read more...

El conflicto entre el taxi y VTC

En el debate de las VTC se repiten un montón de consignas gremiales y políticas sin conocimiento alguno del asunto.

Para empezar, Cabify es una empresa española, no una multinacional. Uber es una empresa extranjera (no una multinacional). Estas 2 empresas sirven de plataforma para contratar el servicio, pero el servicio lo prestan empresas españolas, que trabajan bajo un marco regulado, con licencias otorgadas por las CCAA, denominadas VTC.… Read more...


El escepticismo es una corriente filosófica cuyo principal pilar es rechazar el pensamiento dogmático. Hoy en día el dogma no es eclesiástico sino mediático, aunque produce similares resultados. Es decir, enormes capas sociales que piensan y actúan como se les indica que lo hagan.

La tendencia de la sociedad siempre es a mantener sus estructuras.… Read more...

Blockchain is the Book of Truth

A blockchain is a transactional database distributed among all participants, without the need to trust each other through a central administrator. Can be accessed but not edited by all. Its the book of the truth.

Basically, a blockchain is a permanent inmutable record to exchange data, money, goods, and services.Read more...

Soft vs Hard Forks in Blockchain

• Soft forks have been used to implement new and upgraded functionalities that are backwards compatible.
• There is no requirement for all nodes to be upgrade and agree on the new version.
• Regardless the updated users and the non-updated users could still interact with each other.

All the nodes need to agree and once done ALL previous blocks are invalid.… Read more...

Notes on ICOs

An ICO is a financial tool now available for new companies to raise a capital, be it from investors or through P2P. Each company creates a token (Most are created on top of the Ethereum network currently) and you buy that token with fiat (real) money and in turn that token is a placeholder for its value.… Read more...

The DAO attack on June 2016: the Recursive Call

After the exit door a vulnerability known as “Recursive call bug” which allowed the attacker to drain the Ether from the DAO’s account. If one wished to exit the DAO, then they could do so by sending a request. The splitting function would then follow the following two steps:

– Give the user back his/her Ether in exchange of their DAO tokens.… Read more...