Notes from The Singularity

Month: October 2018

Middle classes, activism and ownership

The global economic growth from the 70s quadrupliqued global economic output and created the middle classes in the emerging markets. People in those countries is more educated, connected, richer, etc. than ever.

BUT neither country in ant event, has grown fast enough economically to provide jobs for ever-larger cohorts of young people.… Read more...

NLP Natural Language Processing

Main ideas

The process for NLP is always similar to other classification algos:

  • Compile documents. Get the data which uses to be raw text.
  • Featurize documents. Get the text in a format that ML algorithms understand.
  • Compare features for classification. Use ML techniques to build the model.

Unstructured text ⇒ Compile documents ⇒ Featurize them ⇒ Compare features

How does does the algorithm work

In NLP the featurization is done through vectorization:

  • Corpus of D documents: a = “The House is Blue” , b = ”The House is Red”.