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Month: June 2018

Artificial Consciousness: How To Give A Robot A Soul – Futurism

The Terminator was written to frighten us; WALL-E was written to make us cry. Robots can’t do the terrifying or heartbreaking things we see in movies, but still the question lingers: What if they could?

Granted, the technology we have today isn’t anywhere near sophisticated enough to do any of that. But people keep asking. At the heart of those discussions lies the question: can machines become conscious? Could they even develop — or be programmed to contain — a soul? At the very least, could an algorithm contain something resembling a soul?

The answers to these questions depend entirely on how you define these things.


Divergence and curl: The language of Maxwell’s equations, fluid flow, and more

Visualizing two core operations in calculus. (Small error correction below)
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Error: At 4:55, the narration should say “counterclockwise rotation gives positive curl, clockwise rotation gives negative curl”. The diagram is correct, though.

For more fun fluid-flow illustrations, which heavily influenced how I animated this video, I think you’ll really enjoy this site:

Music by Vincent Rubinetti:


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