Notes from The Singularity

Month: November 2017

Notes on Blockchain: Applications and Added Value


Las blockchains se inventaron para el BTC, pero se pueden aplicar en cualquier lugar en donde un consenso distribuido sea necesario ante actores sospechosos.

Hasta hace poco era complicado encontrar casos interesantes de uso más allá de las criptomonedas. Pero ahora la web3 y concretamente los NFTs han empezado a generar valor para grupos específicos de usuarios.… Read more...

Some Notes on Ethereum

Ethereum has lots of potential because of the DAPPS developing on it: success depends precisely on the apps being developed on it. The way the eth network reacted to the DAO attack of 2016 is a good sample of the potential it has.

Ethereum is a software that runs on a distributed network of clients, or node computers.… Read more...

How does a DAO work

A group of people writes the code (smart contracts).

There´s an initial funding period in which the people adds funds to the DAO by purchasing tokens that represent ownership. This is called a crowdsale or ICO, and its designed to give it the resources it needs.

When funding period is over, the DAO starts to operate.… Read more...