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Month: October 2017

Recommender Systems

Full implementation is complex: it needs advanced linear algebra.

Types of Recommender Systems:

  • Content based. Focus on the attributes of the items: the usual “related items”.
  • Collaborative filter (CF). Uses “wisdom of the crowd” to recommend items: eg Amazon. CF is most used on content based systems. It can do feature learning by itself.
    The Movie land dataset of movies to study.  These methods can be:
    – Memory based CF: singular value decomposition.
    – Collaborative CF: computing cosine similarity.

But what is a neural network? | Chapter 1, Deep learning

What are the neurons, why are there layers, and what is the math underlying it?
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Typo correction: At 14 minutes 45 seconds, the last index on the bias vector is n, when it’s supposed to in fact be a k. Thanks for the sharp eyes that caught that!

For those who want to learn more, I highly recommend the book by Michael Nielsen introducing neural networks and deep learning: https://goo.gl/Zmczdy… Read more...