Experts and media claim that we are about to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will allow machines to start thinking like people, and take care of everything. Thats complete nonsense, and its part of a greater scam that includes the climate change oax.

First of all, current AI models and research assume that you can recreate consciousness using equations and logical procedures. But they are basically systems of equations and feedback. They work well when they are trained, but only under very strict boundary conditions.

Secondly, ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ should be abandoned. When some day real AI takes place it won’t have anything of artificial. And there is no special reason to believe that we will be able to recognize or understand it.

We tend to assume that other intelligences will use a sequential, linear language, like ours. But reality can be very different, and unrecognizable. Just check our failure to understand other intelligent species such as elephants, dolphins or whales. We do it on our terms, not theirs. Even after decades of study of the matter.

The simplest worms have a brain of 300 neurons. This connectome has already been completely mapped, and yet the most basic behavior of these creatures is barely understood.

We cant explain the behavior of the most simple forms of life, but we are about to create some super-human-transhumanist intelligence that will replace 3 billion years of biological evolution? … sure.