By Zulie Rane, freelance writer and coding enthusiast.

It’s 2021, and data science is still one of the most exciting and promising careers you can get into. Furthermore, it’s extremely possible to learn all the skills you need at your leisure with some of the best data science education platforms available online.

This is great news for you if you have dreams of becoming a data scientist, and why wouldn’t you? You nab a six-figure average salary, the job satisfaction is high, and it’s a stable job with lots of promotion prospects. And it’s all within your grasp. You just want to make sure you’re looking for the right features for an education platform.

Depending on what you’re looking for in the best data science education platform, you might want a platform that caters to beginners, to cover the fundamentals, feature a specific language like Python, or to land a specific job interview.

These are the eleven best data science educational platforms for you, depending on what is most important to you in your career.

1. Best Data Science Education Platform For Beginners: Mode

Many soon-to-be data scientists start from absolute scratch. That means the best data science education platform for you is one that caters to people who aren’t experienced at programming, who may not know what job they want, and who aren’t familiar with the dozens of potential languages.

I really like Mode as a data science education platform for beginners. Its strength is that it doesn’t try to do everything. It has a series of straightforward tutorials for Python and SQL, both of which are top choices of languages for people just dipping their toes into data science.

For beginner data scientists who want to learn programming languages and analytics at a very basic level, this is the best data science education platform. This platform will help ground you with entry-level skills in both languages. With their Python tutorials, the focus is on business data. For SQL, you’ll go through the process of answering data-based questions. You don’t need any coding language to start.

It’s totally free as well. Their business model is geared towards enterprise customers, and they hope that by teaching you the basics, perhaps you’ll remember them when you do get hired as a data scientist.

Once you’ve got everything you can out of Mode Analytics, you can look further afield to sharpen and deepen your data science skills with a new platform.


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