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As a student, who has been in school almost my entire life, I always felt that the knowledge we learn in school is theoretical. That feeling only grew whenever I talked to my friends and colleagues who worked in the industry or had some experiences outside the university. This gap between what we learn in our degrees and what we actually need to succeed and build a career is one of the reasons internships are necessary for any student.

Although internships are important for basically any student regardless of their major, it’s even more important if you’re a student in a tech field. In tech, we study the history of a field, the tools we can use, and some field applications. But, university classes are never enough to build a real-life experience that will help you launch a career once you graduate.

Here, internships make a difference, not just helping students gain experience and know what to expect when they get a job after graduation. Still, it also helps them decide what career they want to pursue after obtaining their degree. So, if you’re a student, undergrad or post-grad, trying to get an internship, it will definitely change the way you view your field and help you get a job later.

In September of every year, companies worldwide open up the applications for the following year’s summer. So, today, I will walk you through 10 remote internship opportunities for the 2021 fall or 2022 summer that you can apply for now.

First on our list is a machine learning internship offered by Quora. In this internship, you will be working on improving Quora’s existing machine learning systems, improving the user experience, and working with other machine learning engineers to implement different algorithms and systems efficiently. To apply for this internship, you need to be a student who knows the basics of machine learning and experience with Python or C++.

Next up is a 3 or 6 months machine learning and AI internship offered by Moyyn. Moyyn is a recruitment platform based in Germany that focuses on automating the matchmaking of candidates and companies. This internship will have you working on the algorithm of the platform as well as test the algorithm and optimize it. To apply for this internship, you need to be a student and know NLP, machine learning, and AI basics.

Next up is a data science internship offered by IBM. This remote opportunity is available for students across…

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