You have probably heard about the concept of massive open online courses (MOOC’s) in the last few years. It is an alternative to formal education and is seen by some as the way of the future. Have you taken an online interactive course? Have you tried to create one? In this article, I’ll describe my personal experience with MOOCs and how I grew from a student to a content creator.

I remember my first day at college like it was yesterday. That feeling of excitement and enthusiasm when I entered a classroom for the first time. I enjoyed college, and it opened my eyes, views, and perspective. A whole new world of ideas was there for me to explore. I’m sure many have had a similar experience. Higher education institutions have existed for hundreds of years, including the University of Bologna, which was founded in 1088. In 2018, there were approximately 200 million students around the world. These institutions play a major role in providing the tools needed for gaining knowledge, independence, and personal growth, However, times are changing and new options are emerging. Although college was great, today there are other methods of learning which give me that same feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. One concept is MOOC, and I’m a true fan.

Several years ago a new method of learning, MOOC, emerged. MOOCs are online interactive courses with quizzes and assignments that give immediate feedback. A typical MOOC is similar to a college course, but it is accessible online and can be accessed from any location. I remember the day I enrolled in my first MOOC. I was an IT specialist in the banking industry and was eager to learn something new. I wanted to gain practical knowledge and learn new technologies. Taking a MOOC was a perfect fit for me. It was back in 2012, when Coursera was founded, and MOOCs weren’t well-known, especially in Croatia. I embraced this concept along with many others. In 2013, more than 10 million students enrolled in at least one MOOC. Universities also embraced this concept and created 1200 MOOCs in that same year. From then on, this concept has continued to grow, with more than 100 million students taking MOOCs and more than 12,000 MOOCs available in 2018. Looking back, online courses played an important role in my personal growth and professional development. Through MOOCs, I expanded my horizons by continuously learning new subjects and skills. With my increasing knowledge and abilities, I became prepared for…

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