Automated messages like “Hi, how may I help you?” are quite familiar when a customer requires some service online. Want to know what’s that? These are the chatbots for businesses that have improved customer service by making service available round the clock, and 64%  of online users are satisfied with the automated system.

As a fact, chatbots will most likely take care of 85% of all customer dealings by early 2022. Almost 50% of businesses prefer chatbots to mobile apps, proving it a viable future of customer service. Let’s see what they are!

1. Boost Customer Service

The automated messaging feature of Facebook Chatbots can garner an immediate response from the customers. A well-developed Facebook Messenger Chatbot with an inbuilt cache of FAQs provides quick answers to customer queries. Moreover, chatbots can offer multiple-choice responses to understand the specific needs of a customer.

The quick response from chatbots permits customers to make their purchase decision faster and lessens the probability of shifting to a competitor.

Vital Statistics show that there are more than 300,000 active bots on Messenger. This implies that businesses can thrive well in the competition with the help of Facebook Chatbots.

Currently, conversational marketing through Facebook has a lead of roughly 70% higher open rate than email marketing.

A use case is Domino’s chatbots on Facebook. The chatbots allow customers to choose their favorite dish from a plethora of items and place orders. The chatbot links the customer’s Facebook account to their Domino’s account. Customers can track their orders, seek support, and do many more things. These digital innovations have helped Domino’s increase their customer base by allowing them to have a good experience on their platform.

2. Offer Personalized Recommendation

Customers can view online catalogues of your store within the Messenger application. For instance, Shopify offers e-commerce stores with The Messenger Sales Channel engineered by chatbots that enables buyers to browse products through Messenger. Once buyers make a purchase decision, they will be automatically redirected to your website. The messenger chatbots via the sales channel let companies send automated notifications regarding their orders. Such chatbots can come as a blessing for small businesses.

Few brands move beyond customers’ expectations and use chatbots to recommend during purchase. Rather than searching many…

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